Integrated System Technology (IST) Lab

The IST Center is not a typical classroom setting. The training is individualized for each student. One-on-one instruction is offered to students with a full-time instructor on-site during operating hours. There is no regular academic calendar or set class time. Students are self-paced and may come and go at their own convenience during the full-time instructor’s hours. There are no book fees! The instructor provides the curriculum data individually for each student as needed.

Students Progress at Their Own Pace

Study and complete lab assignments at your own pace. You may complete the coursework quickly or as slowly as you need. Schedule your studies at your convenience, coming and going as you please with no set class times. Open Entry—Open exit flexibility is featured in the program. You set your own schedule with no pre-set times. There are not set beginning or end dates for course completion. The pace is up to you, and you can begin immediately.

One-on-One Instruction

Work one-on-one with our qualified, full-time instructors while you complete your coursework. Each Learning Activity Packet includes computerized coursework with audio and visual tutorials, written coursework, and hands-on lab experiences all in our state-of-the-art lab.

State-of-the-Art Training Modules

Each state-of-the-art training module is designed specifically for each area of instruction.

  • mechanical drives
  • hydraulics
  • pneumatics
  • AC & DC circuits
  • motor controls
  • control panel building
  • high voltage power distribution
  • plumbing
  • programmable logic contollers (PLCs)