has made retraining of local workforce its highest priority
We are your neighbor. We are your training partner.


A well-trained workforce means a more productive workforce. At Workforce Partnerships of North Central Ohio, we can help your employees reach higher and work smarter. Whether your employees need to update their current skills or acquire a whole new skill set, we can develop the training necessary to meet their needs.

Bridging these skills gaps is accomplished through focused and specialized training. Our trainers and consultants can help identify those skills that training can solve, and identify others where we must look deeper at the root causes which hold workers back and reduce productivity.

But we cannot do it alone. We need you to work with us. We need you to have the foresight to know what skills your employees will need not just today – but tomorrow as well. We need to have the openness to look at all aspects of your business and even the environment to affect positive change for workers, employers, business and our community.

Contact us. We’re eager to help and we’re in your backyard.

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